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Providing personalized wedding ceremonies and services for your perfect day. Our officiant will work directly with you to make sure that your ceremony reflects who you are and your fun, loving personalities! Need to get married today? We can help with that too.

We can help you create a fantastic ceremony including:

Intimate Weddings

If you are looking for an intimate wedding ceremony, then we will be happy to help you create a custom ceremony – or use our pre-written, Sapphire ceremony – that captures the closeness you share with your future spouse and those who surround you with love. An intimate ceremony could be at your home, the beach or another special location – maybe where you had your first kiss or where you first met. For your intimate ceremony, we suggest including only your closest friends and family so that the warmth of the occasion shines through.

Traditional Weddings/Interfaith Weddings

Traditional weddings can be full of joy and are usually built around the couple’s faith or religious preferences with a few words to the wedding guests about the importance of the marriage bond. Today’s traditional weddings can be that and so much more! Modern traditional weddings can be designed to include your religious preferences such as bible verses, unity candles, lasso ceremony, circling the groom or any other cultural activity you would like to include. With a modern traditional ceremony, we often find the need to include activities from two different cultures or religions, and we are happy to accommodate your wishes in creating a traditional, interfaith wedding ceremony that is authentically you.

Theme Weddings

Do you have a favorite music genre or band? Are you both comic book lovers or maybe Harry Potter fans? Do you LOVE Hawaii and want to spread the aloha during your ceremony? If you can think of a theme for your special day, then we can help you make it happen. Let us help you build a theme wedding ceremony to reflect your personality and recognize a special bond that you share together. A theme wedding can be a fun way to bring long-lasting memories to your wedding day.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

A civil ceremony might be the perfect choice for the couple who wants to keep it low-key during their nuptials. A civil ceremony is a non-religious, non-spiritual ceremony which is, albeit short, still a legally binding marriage. This is a great choice for couples who want to get married now, but are planning a more lavish ceremony for the future in a different state or even in a different country. Have you been planning a wedding and just become overwhelmed with the financial costs of a huge wedding ceremony? Ask our officiant about a simple, civil ceremony and save your money for the reception, a fabulous honeymoon, or build your savings for your first home!  Many brides feel pressured by family and friends to have a large wedding and reception, but, remember, this is your day. If you want to keep it simple, then keep it simple. At the end of the day, it is about the love between you and your partner.


Many couples have discussed eloping for their wedding day. In the traditional sense, elopements usually involve going to a different city or state, mostly in secret, to make your marriage official, but in the more general sense, it simply means to escape. This could be escaping a set of disapproving parents or escaping the insanity of wedding planning. Either way, we can easily help you plan an elopement that will be an intimate way of keeping the focus on just the two of you. In California, there are no residency or citizenship requirements for marriage and, if you want to keep the traditional “secret” meaning, you can get a confidential marriage license that does not require a witness to the ceremony. Contact us now to plan your wedding day elopement.

Second Marriages

If only we could all get it right the first time! Unfortunately, not all first marriages last, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever find love again. And once you do, we are happy to help you create a ceremony for your special day. A second marriage usually requires a personalized ceremony that serves as a foundation for the love to be shared, the lives to be joined, and the families to be blended. Second marriages CAN last and in many cases, provide a new opportunity to leave a legacy of commitment and demonstrate healthy relationships for generations to come. Let us help you plan a ceremony that highlights your renewed sense of love and marriage.

Commitment Ceremonies

In some cases, a legal marriage may not be what the couple desires. Maybe you don’t feel the need to get married but would like to have a commitment ceremony to demonstrate to your partner and your circle of loved ones that you truly are dedicated to one another. A commitment ceremony can be just as romantic and loving as a wedding ceremony.  In some cases, the only distinguishable difference is that there is no need to do paperwork following a commitment ceremony. You have been and will continue to be each other’s life-long partner. If a commitment ceremony sounds like the ceremony for you, then contact us so we can get started making your public pledge to one another a reality.

Vow Renewals

Vow renewals are probably the most thoughtful way to express to your partner how much you love them. Vow renewals offer the opportunity for couples to dedicate themselves to each other just as they did on their wedding day. Whether you’ve made it 1, 2, 5 or 25 years together, every year is worth celebrating! We can help you create a vow renewal that captures the emotions you feel for one another, allows you to reflect on all you have accomplished as husband and wife, and expresses gratitude for your presence in each other’s lives. You can recite your original vows or create new ones that fully capture the growth of your relationship. If you don’t know what to get your spouse for your anniversary, look no further! They will be wowed by your thoughtfulness and the sentiment attached to recreating such a significantly beautiful day in your life together.

Non-denominational/Spiritual Wedding

Many couples share a belief in God, but maybe they were brought up in different religions or different denominations of the same religion. For these couples, we can create a ceremony that highlights your shared beliefs and focuses on the sanctity of the marriage bond rather than any denomination-specific activity or belief. Perhaps, as a couple, you are spiritual, but not religious. Our officiant will discuss your beliefs with you to find common ground and ensure that your ceremony accurately reflects the integrity of your spirituality. A non-denominational or spiritual wedding ceremony that celebrates love and a friendship of spirits might be the perfect choice for you. 

Non-religious Wedding Ceremony

A non-religious wedding ceremony is perfect for the couple who wants to be married, but does not want religion built into the wedding ceremony. We can orchestrate a ceremony that is all you imagined while keeping with your wishes to make it a non-religious ceremony in Lancaster, Palmdale and all surrounding areas.

Same Day Weddings

Call us today and you can get married today! Maybe you’ve been talking about getting married for months and now you’re ready to make it happen! You’ll just need to make a quick stop by the Clerk of the Court to get your marriage license (you can get it in about an hour) then give us a call to set up an appointment for same day service. Already have your license? Great! Just give us a call to set up a time to make your same day wedding happen today.

Confidential Wedding Ceremony

If you are looking for a confidential wedding ceremony or maybe you just want to get away from the LA scene for a quiet ceremony, Tie The Knot California can help your marriage become a reality without the need for anyone else to be involved in your ceremony. There are many reasons for couples to choose a confidentail wedding service. No matter your reason, we are at your service. Even if you have a public license, we can provide a witness so that no one else needs to attend to sign the marriage license.

Wedding Officiant Service Area

Our ordained minister and wedding officiant travels to your choice of venue to make it easy on you. We serve Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill and the entire Antelope Valley. We also provide services to Acton, Rosamond, Little Rock, Tehachapi, Edwards Air Force Base, Mojave, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Newhall, Saugus and Canyon Country too. Additionally, our wedding officiant is available for your wedding ceremony throughout Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County and Kern County, California. For more information and pricing, please check out the “Services” link in the top menu.