The Same Day Marriage option is available to those who are ready to go for it! If that’s you, call us now to schedule an appointment.

Requirements: You must bring your marriage license and government issued photo I.D. with you.

Obtaining Your Marriage License: We do not issue marriage licenses. You can contact the Clerk of the Court of any county for them to issue a Public or Confidential Marriage License. Some counties like Kern County* are open to the public and offer same day service. A license issued from ANY county is good for use throughout the state. You are not required to use the County Clerk of the county in which you live.

*Please contact the county beforehand to ensure they are still open and are issuing to out-of-county resident as hours and services of each county may change at any time due to the pandemic.

Public License Fee from the County Clerk: $91

Confidential License Fee from the County Clerk: $85

The Ceremony: The same-day marriage is a non-religious civil ceremony. The officiant normally meets you at your location, however we do offer in-office services for those with a Confidential License and no guests. As with all wedding services, we will return the license back to the Clerk of the Court on your behalf so you can start enjoying the married life!