Rain On Your Wedding Day

Photo by Cade Martin

Rain on your wedding day? It’s not as bad as you might think! Many people and cultures believe that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck and positive energy in your marriage. With rainy season upon us, or fast approaching, I thought this post might relieve any anxiety for the big day.

As you watch the weather report during your wedding day countdown, keep smiling knowing that if you get rained out, it just might mean that your marriage will stand the test of time. No arguments with that one, right? Here are some thoughts on why rain will be good luck:

  1. Growth – Rain helps everything grow and on your wedding day, it indicates the growth of your committed relationship into the bond of marriage.
  2. Sustainment – Without exception, life is sustained across our planet by rain, and on your wedding day, it signifies the sustainment of your marriage.
  3. Cleansing – Just as rain helps cleanse the earth, on your wedding day, it indicates the washing away of negative energy from your past. This cleansing of energy is meant to start your marriage with a feeling of emotional purity.
  4. Unity – A knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie. As you “tie the knot,” your rainy-day marriage will be that much harder to unravel.
  5. Endurance – Rain helps plants survive the winter and dry season so that they can still bloom afterwards. On your wedding day, it signifies the endurance of your marriage even in the hardest of times.
  6. Fertility – The fertility of the earth depends on rain, and it signifies the fertility of your marriage on your wedding day. If children are in your marriage plan, a rainy wedding day can have double meaning for your physical fertility and the possibility of children to come.
  7. Renewal – Rain easily wipes out any structure built on a weak foundation. Wedding day rain heralds the washing away of bad memories or events to prevent growth into your marriage foundation.

Those are some really great reasons to welcome the rain on your wedding day, right?

Oudoor ceremony? Have a back-up plan. Keep the anxiety levels low by always having a back-up plan to move indoors or add tent coverage for outdoor ceremonies. Take a breath, make a plan and don’t let the weather ruin your day…or worse yet, your hair!

Photo by Cade Martin